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I am a spiritual intuitive. Inspired by helping and listening to others wants and needs from my heart space. I am here to offer myself in ways that your energy guides my energy. I offer intuitive healing. We (Divine and I) dive deep into one’s trauma, blockages, and their past and present pains.


Through love we help release those pains, by being present in them, with them and for you. To heal sometimes it’s beneficial not to have to relive that experience alone as it lets go. Together in guidance of Divine and I show up for you.  


Have you heard of the poem “Foot Prints In The Sand”? It is there we help carry the hurts, the burdens, the trauma, and the pains. We take on so much of the burdens so you don’t have to. In the power of love and connection between our souls, releases happen. What was or has been held onto for months and/or years of agony becomes moments that lead one into a release.


Our DNA carries and stores trauma that may in time become pain, impairments, energy losses, and/or other blockages within the body, mind and energy. This reset offers you a new space to breathe. To choose life again from where you now are. 


I am a medium, I work with the vibrations of love. I channel soul languages, light beings, animal guides, and loved ones.


I offer card readings and intuitive all in one session & more. I work with groups as well as individuals.  


All sessions vary as we all have our unique stories. Please know, you are important, are loved, valued, and needed.



$100/30 minutes

$185/60 minutes

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