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About Me

Katherine is an intuitive, energy reader, medium, shaman and channeller. She has been working with all dimensional energies, times, and realms for the past 15 years. 


Her learning began in Saskatchewan. She has always loved being outdoors, among the earth and trees. This has been the sense of calm in her life. Going through childhood trauma and abuse, early motherhood, marital trauma and divorce, and many other tough times. She has found peace.  From this she understands that the good and the bad are all gifts. These experiences helped her grow into the beautiful human that she is.


The “Golden Rule” Do unto others as you would have done unto you.

In that she holds her clients in the deepest love and respect.


By speaking and singing in tongue, soul languages, and using a variety of energies. She works with past, present and universal life times. Working through trauma & blockages that no longer serves you purpose. Some of which has created a dis-ease within the human body. Thus, bringing in more peace and grace to move forward fearlessly. Being guided to areas where healing is needed, working internally and externally with the bodies energy. 


We are here to teach and guide others with light and love. This is my divine mission. 

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